DNA FixAge is a technologically advanced anti-ageing range, developed with the exclusive ingredient DNA Structure™, which helps to rejuvenate the skin by boosting its own natural DNA repair process, at cellular level. Synergistic activity further protects the skin cells from damage caused by solar energy and this exclusive technology provides a unique and holistic approach to the never-ending fight against photo-ageing.

Day Shield Moisturiser

Protects and Shields against Premature Ageing
Combined with Liuclear™, a unique complex originating in ancient Chinese medicine, which restores volume and improves firmness, luminosity and clarity, resulting in fresher, more radiant skin.

Night Care Rejuvenator

Cell Repair whilst you rest
Rejuvenates the skin and boosts the natural DNA repair. The addition of Pyostim™, a synergistic blend of prized Japanese botanicals, improves the skin’s immune system whilst you rest peacefully at night time.

Age Defying Eye Therapy

Premature Aging Treatment
An elegant gel-cream, specifically formulated to comprehensively treat skin problems around the eye area, associated with premature ageing. DNAStructure™ helps to rebuild the collagen microstructure in the skin, alleviating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that form around the eye.

Hydrolift Serum

Simultaneous lifting and rehydration
This product contains a scientifically advanced hydration replenishment matrix DNA Hy-Lift™, which provides immediate rehydration and long term moisturisation in the same product.

Rejuvenating Spritzer

Revitalising & Rehydrating Toner
A unique spray-on rejuvenating spritzer, specifically formulated to revitalise and rehydrate the skin, leaving the complexion looking youthfully radiant and invigorated. Spray away the effects of time with this revolutionary product that leaves your skin looking as good as it feels.

MaxiCleanse™ for Eyes

2-in-1 Eye Make-Up Remover & Cleanser
A unique two-in-one cleanser for the eye area that contains OptiClear™, an exclusive cleansing system that gently lifts off accumulated dirt, yet has the potency to remove even the most stubborn make-up. OptiMoist™, a moisture regulator specifically chosen for the eye area, leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and rejuvenated.

Skin Tone Corrector Rx

Is an advanced skin treatment that helps clear skin discolouration and age spots caused by ageing. It contains unique RadiSkin complex from the natural plant extracts of Swiss Garden Cress Sprouts, Mallow, Peppermint, Primula, Lady’s Mantle, Speedwell, Melissa leaf, Yarrow and Soy Isoflavones, which help brighten and even your skin tone while reducing the colour intensity of age spots.

Apply a drop of the serum twice a day on the entire area of discolouration and follow the daily skin care regimen.

Forte Serum Wrinkle Antidote

Is a scientifically advanced anti-ageing serum that targets the formation of lines and wrinkles. It contains DeCreasol which reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by frowning and other facial expressions. Messenger peptides MatriCol activate the neosynthesis of extracellular matrix in the skin and cell proliferation leading to significant decrease of the ageing lines. You will notice a dramatic reduction of wrinkles of up to 30% within the first month.

Apply a drop of the serum twice a day on the face and follow the daily skin care regimen.

Stem Cell Elixir

Is a unique skin repairing serum, which combines plant derived stem cells cultivated from Argan tree and Comfrey roots. They help to boost the regenerative capacity of ageing epidermal and dermal stem cells, increase skin turnover, improve skin firmness and density. Addition of natural extract from the aerial part of Onopordum Acanthium helps to heal and repair dry and damaged skin and visible delay the natural process of ageing.

Apply a drop of the serum twice a day on the face and follow your daily skin care regimen.

The HumanKind lifestyle body care product range is inspired by an initiative to support community projects whereby indigenous raw materials are sustainably harvested and fairly traded by rural farmers who support environmental management. The exotic African oils are tried and trusted, natural traditional healing ingredients make the brand synonymous with the bio diversity and indigenous heritage of our country.

HumanKind Tissue Oil Body Butter

The ultimate in kindness and protection for the body, HumanKind Tissue oil body butter soothes, comforts and helps relieve dehydrated, stressed and dry skin.

HumanKind CelluTight Serum

Highly effective anti-cellulight treatment. A highly concentrated treatment against Cellulite which acts on the fat and on the circulation
  • 85% of women presented a significant decrease in thigh circumference of 0.5 to 1.0 cm
  • 50% of the clients showed a significant decrease of 0.6 to 1.4kg of body fat mass
  • Skin microcirculation was improved in 60% women after 2 months treatment

Treating Skin Beautifully. DermaPlex™ is a gentle natural way to a Youthful, Healthy and Glowing skin! The DermaPlex™ route to a healthy skin is provided by various natural ingredients, including Meloshield™, a natural melon extract which is rich in anti-oxidants. With regular use of this range, the harmful effects of environmental aggressors and pollutants will be reduced to leave your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant.

Triple Action Cleanser Wash

(All skin types)
  • Fresh Soap free gel application.
  • Beads will help to remove impurities, gently exfoliating and removing any dead skin cells.
  • Smoothes, polishes and refines the pores, preparing the skin for the skin treatments to follow.
  • Increases penetration of the DermaPlex™ skin care products.

Day Tone Moisturiser

(Normal to Dry or Normal and Combination skin types)
  • Protective moisturiser with sunscreen (SPF 15).
  • Contains MeloShield™, a natural extract taken from the melon fruit, with a very powerful anti oxidant known as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). This has a neutralising effect on free-radicals, preventing them from doing damage to the skin.
  • Contains extract from the leaves of Baobab Tree, which smoothes and rehydrates the skin, antioxidants – Vitamins E and C, nourishing oils from Baobab and Avacado, moisturising actives, emollients and soothing active Allantoine.
  • Addition of extract from African Potato, medicinal plant native to South Africa helps skin to become more brighter and radiant.

Night Restorative Cream

  • Helps with skin repair during the period of rest.
  • Re-energizes the skin and respects the skin’s natural immunity.
  • Contains Vitamin A - strong antioxidant; Shea butter, Avacado oil, Sweet Almond oil and Saccharide having moisturising properties on the skin. It has an extract from the fruits of Kigelia Africana (African Sausage Tree), which is rich in flavonoids and it is an excellent moisturiser promoting radiance, firmer and smoother skin. Allantoine in the night cream work as anti-inflammatory and soothing factor.

Blemish Perfection Genti-Calm Gel

  • Effective gel complex treats a wide range of blemish problems.
  • Help to fade imperfection, calms and minimizes breakouts, renews and brightens the skin, and evens skin tones.
  • Contains an exclusive bio-technological complex – sugar derivative of salicylic acid, which helps to renew the skin, has anti-bacterial properties.
  • It also contain extract of Chamomile, Allantoine and extract of Boswellia Serrata as anti-inflammatory and soothing actives and oil from Baobab.

Anti-Dark Spot Fix’n Fade Serum

  • Concentrated bio-technological complex which is highly effective in fading dark spots or patches and helps to remedy pigmentation irregularities.
  • See a difference in only 4-6 weeks.
  • Contains “Melacetyl” – patented bio-technological complex, which corrects, balances, influences and regulates the mechanism of melanogenesis.
  • Contains natural extract from African Potato, which helps to clear the skin tone.
  • Vitamin C and Allantoine – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing factors.

DermaPlex Lash Extender

  • Noticeably thicker and longer eyelashes
  • 25% Increase in eyelash length after 2 weeks of use